P-deddy...Godzilla soundtrack
Yeah You said to trust you,You'd never hurt me ,Now I'm disgusted, Since then adjusted, Certainly you fooled me,Ridiculed me, Left me hanging,Now shit is boomeranging Right back at you, Think long range, Narrow-minded, Left me blinded, I cosigned it, Shit backfired, But I'm bouncing back, I grinded, Not many would bear the pressure, You comprehend me, You want to end me, You offend me, It's trauma, Feel the trauma, Come with me
I close my eyes,And I see..You ,,,,,,standing thereI cry...Tears...Of sorrow ... I die..
Fuck my enemies, Fuck my foes, You're stepping on my toes, Back up off me, Take your hands off me, Give me room to breathe, I'm not hearing it, I'm not fearing it, I'm up to my ears in it Bullshit, I'm destructive, Some women find that seductive, Some say it's lunacy Reluctantly, I've been moving on, I ignore you, Sorry if I bore you, I neglect you, Don't mean to disrespect you, Can't you see, I love you dearly, And that sincerely , But you annoy me, You can't avoid me, I'm here to stay, Forever , and ever and a day That's never, I can't let you go, I can't forget it, Why you did it?? I won't permit it,, And won't acquit it,, I want to fight you, I'll fucking bite you, Can't stand nobody like you, You can't run,
You can't hide, No surprise,
Close your eyes,,Come with me

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MaMaDo يقول...

A verses by Naguib Soror (Kossomyat)

Balad Elmanayek Baladna Welkol Nak Feeha
Shoof Elkhareeta Tela2eeha Fat7a Regleeha
Rabbak Khala2ha Keda W Ra7 Te3mel Aih Feeha

Leonardo يقول...

lolat keter

amoot ana..