Human Rights Awareness Week 2010

The Law Students’ Association Presents:
Human Rights Awareness Week 2010 April 26th-29th

The Law Students Association invites you to join them for Human Rights Awareness Week 2010. Events include a film festival, a refugee-run bazaar complete with Eritrean food and live music, talks on contemporary issues in human rights, and a special panel on “Freedom of Expression” composed of activists in the field. International and national non-profit human rights organizations will be attending throughout the week. Come out to the booths and speak with NGO representatives, get information on human rights issues that plague our world, take part in our human rights scavenger hunt and get a FREE GIFT! Buy a “Got Rights?” T-shirt and support a struggling non-profit organization! LSA is providing a FREE BUS TO NEW CAIRO CAMPUS ALL WEEK!

Monday the 26th NEW CAIRO CAMPUS
9am-3pm Human Rights Booths in the Plaza
1pm-2:30pm Film Festival: “Life + Debt” Room P007
3:30-5:30pm Film Festival: “Drowned Out” Room P007
6pm-8pm Welcome Event:
Key Note Speaker: Tanya Monforte (AUC)
Director of the International Human Rights Law Program
Room P007

6-8pm Film Festival: “Sierra Leon’s Refugee All Stars”: Room 413
8:30-10pm Talk: “Towards a Humanitarian Policy of Resistance: Palestine, Occupation, Development” Professor Hani Sayed, Chair of the Law Department: Room 413

Wednesday the 28th NEW CAIRO CAMPUS
9am-3pm Human Rights Booths in the Plaza
2-3 Amnesty International Film Showing
“Human Rights Defenders”: Room SSE CP44
4-6pm Talk: "Some Egyptian Challenges in the Next Decade: What is Right? What is Not? And Who Cares?": Room P007
6pm-8pm “Careers in Human Rights”
Speakers will include: A professor, a lawyer, a student, and an activist: Room P007

Thursday the 29th NEW CAIRO CAMPUS
9am-3pm Human Rights Booths in the Plaza
1-2pm Information Session on AUC’s International Human Rights Law Master’s Program. Meet at the Human Rights Awareness Week Booth: Room The Plaza
2-3pm “The African System of Human Rights: The Commission and Refugees” Speakers: Ashraf Ruxi and Fahad Siddiqui(Presented by the Cairo Institute for Human Rights Studeies): Room SSE CP46
4-6pm Film Festival: “Burma VJ”: ROOM P007
6-8pm Freedom of Expression Panel
Panelists: Sherif Azer, Hossam El-Hamalawy, Amr Gharbeia: Room P007

FREE Human Rights Awareness Week Bus! Bus Schedule for April 26th, 28th and 29th 2010 Depart from Tahrir Campus 12:00 pm & 4:30 pm Depart from New Campus 3:00 pm & 8:00 pm

For more information, or if you are not an AUC student and would like to request an invitation to attend the week, please e-mail or call Kristen at 0192950536.